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Day 5: Colossal Coaster World

Dare to Trust – Acts 27

I remember when the coaster world was taken by storm with a new concept of riding.  Instead of the tracks being under you they were above you with your feet hanging down – the inverted roller coaster.  I am a coaster junkie.  I have ridden coasters my entire life but I was intrigued by this new design.  I had heard reports from people that had ridden it before me about how strange it was to have your feet hanging down.  It felt weird.  It seemed dangerous.  It wasn’t normal.

As our culture changes so do the needs of our children.  Innocence is being lost earlier.  Drugs and violence are a daily part of life.  We have tried to keep our children innocent as long as possible.  However, when I read an essay my 11 year old wrote I realized that at times nothing helps.  He was born 10 days before 9/11.  In his essay he wrote that he wanted to be an architect that could build specialized homes to withstand bombs and planes.  We have not talked about this, but he knew it.  How much our kids hold inside is staggering.  It feels weird.  It seems dangerous.  This isn’t normal for children.

Paul, in Acts 27, faces some extreme challenges during which he must trust God to work.  He is transported.  The ship wrecks.  Soon after, he is bitten by a snake.  Trusting God is monumental during these moments of our lives.  We are daring these kids to trust God by being obedient in difficult times.  As you build a relationship with your classes begin sharing how you trust God.  I am constantly reminded of the pagan spirituality our kids are confronted by every week.  I help with our older children.  Hearing the messed up version of truth makes me concerned.  We must remember that Jesus is the only way.  You can call on Buddha and no one answers.  You can call on Mohammed and no one comes.  You can call on Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates and they will not help.  You can call to Darwin and he is not answering.  When you call on Jesus Christ, all of Heaven rises to meet that need because we do not have a pile of rocks but a risen Savior we can trust.  We can trust Him without financial problems, our relationship nightmares, and our physical ailments.  We can trust Him with our spouses and with our kids.  We can trust Him when things change and when they do not.  We can trust Him during the songs we know and the ones we don’t.  We can trust Him when things wrong and when they work.  We trust God and in doing so we reveal to those around us the peace of God that accompanies trust.

I dare you to trust God in every way for everything!

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Thank you Aaron for this great help.  See more of Aaron’s writing at The Intersect and enjoy!

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