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Mr. Mark’s Classroom is all about featuring ideas and articles that will benefit classroom teachers and parents each week.  I have been leading conferences to prepare Vacation Bible School leaders  the last couple of months and soon in Colorado.  Working with LifeWay has been a blessing.  Along with the written instructions I prepared and the photos we have posted, LifeWay has videoed short segments of me explaining the VBS decoration ideas I prepared for each classroom.


My team has planned a special feature for VBS this week to spotlight the decoration ideas for “Amazing Wonders Aviation” VBS.  You can check out my ideas daily and forward them to your leaders preparing that particular site in your VBS.  Maybe this will give your leaders ideas that are easy and affordable.  Remember the task is not only making these decorations but also storing them.  Seems like we can often use props and backdrops from previous years if we can store them.  Think ahead where the items will be stored so you make it fit the space.  Painting on sheets and using items like collapsible hampers, foam core board, and PVC pipe will allow you more options for storage.


I hope you enjoy these ideas.  Let me know if you have ideas by posting a comment.  I know others will appreciate the ideas too.


For more information about VBS Decorations and a free decorations conference visit our website at

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