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Enjoy the sounds of Christmas as preschoolers make wrist bells and sing. After the boys and girls make their wrist bells, they can listen to the sounds of the bells as they shake their wrists. Sing Christmas songs in the December teaching plans.

Plan a time during a session for indoor caroling to an adult department where some of the parents attend Bible study. Make arrangements prior to Sunday morning. Consider caroling for helpers in the office area.


Supplies for Wrist Bells:

  • small bells (available in craft department at Walmart or craft stores)
  • chenille stems—green, red, gold, or silver

Music for Indoor Caroling:

  • music CD for winter quarter/CD player
  • printed music in leader guide


  1. Insert a chenille stem in a bell and twist one time. Add two or three more bells, allowing a small space between each one.
  1. Twist the chenille stem to fit loosely around a child’s wrist. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips About Indoor Caroling:

  • Talk to the department director or teacher prior to the session. Determine a time to be in the adult room.
  • Explain that you will bring the preschoolers to stand outside the door or near the door on the inside of the room. Remember that this is not a performance. It is a time for the preschoolers to visit another area of the church and a time for adults to enjoy seeing preschool boys and girls in their area.
  • Lead the preschoolers to ring their bells and sing.
  • Consider singing words to a familiar tune such as “God Is So Good. God sent His Son; God sent His Son; God sent His Son; He loves you and me. Jesus was born; Jesus was born; Jesus was born; Born in Beth-le-hem.”
  • Quietly return to the preschool classroom. As you go by greeters in a hallway or helpers in the church office, stop to do more indoor caroling.

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