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Some of you might already know this story, but it still reminds me of the importance of leading children to Christ and the short time we have together.  I picked up Nathan and Nicholas for Bible Drill on Wednesdays.  These twin boys were quick to tell me that they enjoyed going to the church and their dad was in jail.  That was more information than I needed but it didn’t change my mind about them.

They were very new to the church scene so we practiced our verses on the way each Wednesday.  I gave them both Bibles and we talked about different stories each week as we rode together.  My theologian third grade daughter often began the stories and I jumped in to make the needed corrections.  One day, Nathan asked, “Who is God?” I told him and he quickly came back with, “I know He don’t like me.”  I agreed… and said, “God loves you Nathan” then explained why and how.

I began to pray for these two neighbor boys.  The next day Nathan brought his leftover sandwich from his lunch that day and knocked on our door.  My daughter opened the door and Nathan handed her the sandwich with these words, “Give this to your dad, he’s the best dad I know.”  Truth is Caught more than Taught.  When Christmas was over and our Bible Drill class started up again, I asked if Nathan and Nicholas were riding to church with us only to hear the words, “They moved.  Their mom broke up with her boyfriend.”  I hope my limited time (actions and words) with them planted truth that will not be easily forgotten.



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