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Bible Bites 1

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  1.  Boxes of graham crackers, at least one per child.
  2.  Find numbers and symbols within your lesson with which to use this activity.  I used the 30 men Samson had a bet with at his wedding engagement party and the symbol of a jawbone of a donkey (foreshadowing an upcoming element of my story).  Bible verse references can be used for Bible Drill as well.


  1.  Hand out crackers. Tell kids they have to shape the cracker into your chosen symbol (cross, star, jawbone, ram’s horn, heart, tent, etc).  Now, throw in the thing that makes it tricky.  They can only shape it by taking bites, big or little…AND the bites must equal a significant number from the story.  For my example, the kids had to form their cracker into the shape of a jawbone in exactly thirty bites.
  2. Use the symbols and the numbers to bring emphasis to a story element or to create intrigue and questions about how the story ends.  For my example, the kids kept asking, “Why are we making a jawbone?” To which I answered, “Stay tuned, we’ll get there!”  Use partners to count bites if you want to keep them honest.

Side note – I provided honey for them to dip their crackers into and related that to our story, as well.  Samson makes a choice to eat unclean honey from a lion carcass and to mislead his parents into eating it as well.



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