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Hey Friends—

The *Unwrapped Conference* registration is about to close. We just got back from kid’s camp and I know your summer has been busy too, but I wanted to remind you of this incredible one-day training for your preschool teachers. I hope you will register your people before it is too late. We hope to offer this again in two years, but don’t miss it now. Teacher credits are earned and lunch is provided. All you need to do is come and soak in all the great ideas and resources to make your new year of teaching a huge success. Register by going to



8:00 a.m. Registration opens
8:30-9:30 Opening Session  Willa Ruth Garlow

9:45- 10:45 Set Up & Teach (Age Graded conferences)

  • Unwrapping the Mystery of Teaching Babies & Ones  Pat Murphy
    Can babies and ones really learn biblical concepts? Discover and “Unwrap” the mystery of creativity, the arrangement of the learning environment, the need to provide a variety of activities, and purposeful interaction with babies and ones.
  • Unwrapping the Joy for Twos  Shelby Egender
    This age of discovery provides wonderful classroom opportunities. You will learn many ideas for teaching twos including; felt play, construction, art, dramatic play, science ideas and much more.
  • Unwrap the Gift of Teaching Threes  Paula Lawson
    Teaching preschoolers takes a lot of planning, preparation, and perspiration! With all the work that goes into getting ready, we can sometimes overlook the gift that awaits. In this session, we will discover ways to carefully unwrap each layer with joy as we make our way to the gift entrusted to us…the child’s heart.
  • Pre-K/ Kindergarten- Keep Calm and Wrap On!  Dawne Pybas
    Are center activities, group time and discipline stressing you out? We will discuss simple strategies, effective solutions, and useful ideas that will help you see group time, center activities, and even discipline as gifts of learning opportunities instead of packages of chaos. Keep Calm and Wrap On!
  • Directors- How to help a young child calm down quickly!  Ashley Hoggatt
    Participants will learn 4 + easy ways to calm a young child down when they are upset or frustrated. Participants will also learn a variety of methods to establishing and maintaining positive relationships with students and their families.

11:00- Noon

  • Learning Centers that Make You a Star Teacher  Mark Jones
    Everyone is looking for new ideas to offer in their classroom but look no further. You will load up on great ideas for every center in your classroom that will make other teachers jealous.
  • Wrapped by the Director, Unwrapped by the Teachers (Director’s Conference)   Willa Ruth Garlow
    Wrap your gift with care, with joy, and with prayer….so that teachers can enjoy unwrapping it.
  • Unwrap New & Exciting Learning Activities for Infants and One Year Olds  Pat Murphy
    Activity development is not “rocket science” but an investment of time of your unique talents and new ideas. Hear the best practices of encouraging the youngest preschoolers to grow and learn through focused activity learning.  The packages we unwrap may be messy, but be assured each is designed with infants and ones in mind.

12:00-12:45 p.m. Lunch (provided) & Tour Quail Springs Preschool Facility

  • Wrapping Paper Leftover Makeover!  Special Director’s Lunch with Paula Lawson
    As directors, it can feel as though we are left to clean up the wrapping paper after all the gifts have been opened… every single day. In this session, we will discover tips on how to “clean up” the messier sides of being The Director.


  • Amazing GrOuP TiMe – It’s a Wrap!  Dawne Pybas
    GrOuP TiMe !?! Do you feel at a loss when it comes to group time? Do you break out in hives at the very thought of it? We will discover practical, usable ideas that will enable you to successfully wrap up group time, tie it with a bow and confidently present it to your children.

2:15- 3:15

  • Guiding Behavior with No Time Out   Mark Jones
    It is amazing how such beautiful children can turn into the ugliest faction opposing you at every turn. Learn how to guide the behavior of kids and deal with their bad choices without losing your cool. You can have a happy classroom if you apply these simple principles.


  • Closing Session- How to make your T.E.A.M.S. strong!  Ashley Hoggatt
    Participants will unwrap the T.E.A.M.S. acronym of what it means to effectively work together, bring enthusiasm to the lives of your students, have high expectations for academics while incorporating movement and music into learning. All this leads to having a super fun time in your classroom!

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