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  1. Pay attention to your personal Bible reading and corporate worship times.
  2. Beware of easy fixes- Videos and coloring sheets will never take the place of activities that build a relationship between the teacher and the child.
  3. A little each day- Read and prep and little bit of your lesson each day instead of waiting until Saturday night or Sunday morning when you’re tired.
  4. Take care of behavior problems- Ignoring this will only make it worse. Check this previous podcast about guiding behavior.
  5. Evaluate yourself- What did you do well?  Do Different? Do again?
  6. Understand there is a price for your lack of personal discipline- Satan will rob your joy!
  7. Know what you need to teach- What is the life application and truth of this Bible story?
  8. Be accountable- Take time to talk with your co-teacher before or after class.  Wednesday planning is always terrific time to meet and prepare together.
  9. Build a cushion- Is there anyone in your church you can mentor.  Enlist someone to teach with you and build your own team.
  10. What is the startup cost?-  You need to consider your time, energy, family and calendar.  What can you adjust or remove so you can teach this class God has called you to teach?
  11. Seek the right place to serve- Is your heart with preschool or preteens?  Get to the place that brings you the most joy.
  12. Take care of yourself- Teaching is great fun unless it is just one thing in a long list of things that is already stressing you and robbing your sleep.  Plan to rest so you can give God your best.

What other tips would you add?

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