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Meet Kaylie Jones!  My oldest daughter with her beautiful smile and a heart of solid gold.  She has been our joy through the years with wonderful stories that leave us in stitches laughing for hours.  The hardest thing about seeing her graduate from high school last year was watching her move to college.  We seriously missed her at the dinner table to hear how the trappings of the day literally trapped her somewhere/somehow.  

Kaylie is not afraid of an adventure. Without hesitation she has been instrumental on mission trips to San Francisco, Spain, and East Asia a couple of times.  She is so relational and loving, and she is truly the light of Christ to anyone she meets.  We are blessed to have her serving in our preschool ministry.  She doesn’t know, but I am hoping she will hear the Lord and accept when He calls her to be a Preschool Minister.  She will be great at it.  I’m keeping her at my church as long as possible! 

Her optimism peaked as she started college classes and arrived early to her English class.  The classroom was full when the professor entered and announced, “Welcome to German 101.”  I asked, “Did you get up and leave?” To which she quickly replied, “No Daddy!”  I asked why since it was clearly the wrong classroom.  She explained it would be embarrassing.  I asked what she did?  She said, “I learned the German alphabet.  It’s very interesting.”  She went on to explain how the professor asked them to move into groups.  I asked, “Did you get up and leave?” “No, Daddy!” She continued with a glare as if to say how rude I was, “I just told my group, I’m in the wrong class so don’t give me anything.”  

I am rolling with laughter about her secret life as a spy in the wrong class.  She finished by saying, “Daddy, I did the right thing.”  I indicated that I had no idea what that could be at this point.  She said, “I waited until everyone was gone and I went up to his desk and introduced myself.  I shook his hand and everything (I don’t know what everything is- and I wasn’t asking!).  I explained I was in the wrong class and I would not be back, but thank you.”  

I barely could get the words out through my very restrained laughter, “What did he say?”  “Honey, where are you supposed to be?” he asked.  “English 101” she replied.  He grabbed her by the arm and lead her across the hall and introduced her to the English professor.  She quickly returned with, “Awe, Thank you!  You’re so sweet!”  At which the professor rolled his eyes and turned to leave.   

By the way- she loves college. 

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