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  • Two sheets of double wall cardboard (8’ x 10’)
  • Utility knife
  • Box tape
  • Construction paper (gray, dark brown and black) for shingles
  • Jumbo crayons (gray, black and dark brown)
  • Yellow light (for inside the clubhouse)
 IMG_1624 Directions:

1.      Measure four feet on both side of the cardboard sheet and draw a line across.

2.      Using a utility knife, score the line without cutting through so the cardboard will break over straight and fold easily.

3.      Measure and remove 12 inches off one end of the cardboard.  This is the roof top portion.

4.      Create the roof by finding the center of the top (four-foot end).  Measure two feet and mark it.  Draw lines to make the large triangle shape by connecting that mark to each side where the sheet has already been scored (four-feet on each side). 

 IMG_1625 5.      Score both triangle lines being careful to not cut through the cardboard.
 IMG_1627 6.      After both sheets of cardboard are scored, lay both sheets on the floor side by side face down. Tape the seam together for the body of the house (this will create a corner when standing.). 
 IMG_1628 (1) 7.      Stand the house and bend the two walls back to stand on its own (create the corner).

8.      Lift the triangle up to create a peaked roof.  Tape the folded pieces together in the back to secure the roof from falling.  


IMG_1658 (1)

9.      Add shingles made from construction paper and secure to the roof with tape or glue. 
 IMG_1667 10.   Remove the wrapper for the crayons and drag the side of the crayon down the cardboard sides to create planks of wood for the walls.  Go over with black and other colors until you are satisfied. 
11.   Add a door by cutting the opening on one side of the door and the top of the door.  Simply score the hinge side (inside) so it opens slightly to let light show.  Use the crayons to draw the “Z” pattern bracing on the door.  Optional- Rope handle passes through the door with knots on both sides.

12.   Cut a square window.  Add fabric with stars as curtains.  Optional-Divide the cut-out piece of cardboard from the window as shutters and glue them to each side of the window.

13.   Add a telescope coming out of the window between the curtains.

14.   Add a yellow light inside the clubhouse to show though the door crack and window.

15.   Optional- Add lanterns, skateboards and toys around the outside of the clubhouse.

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