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Night Time Trees 


  • Two large black foam core boards 
  • Project display board with fold out sides 
  • Utility knife 
  • Tape 


  1. Cut a project display board in half so each side has a fold out hinge. 
  2. Measure over a few inches from the hinged flap and draw a parallel line. Score the line with a knife to create another bend.  Repeat this to make a few bends and circle the tree truck better. 
  3. Cut jagged edges along the top as branches.  
  4. Paint the trunks dark gray. 
  5. On a black foam core sheet, draw a cloud shape edge and cut it out to make the silhouetted tree foliage. 
  6. Add the foliage to the trunk by cutting a three inch slit on both sides of the truck near the top for the foliage piece to slide into. 


Silhouetted Bushes 


  • Black project display boards 
  • Utility knife 


  1. Lay the display board face down. 
  2. Draw the cloud puff shape along the top of the display board. 
  3. Cut the along the line to reveal the shape. 
  4. Stand by slightly folding in the side flaps. Black side facing out. 


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