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Fall is the time we see many spiders and spider webs!


To make this spider web gather:

  • a paper plate with the center cut out of it
  • a hole punch
  • a marker
  • yarn (about 8 feet per child) or twine
  • a plastic spider
  • a bible verse
  • clear tape



Cut the center from the paper plate.  Count the number of words in the bible verse.  Punch that number of holes in the inside perimeter of paper plate.  Write the words to the verse, alternating across the paper plate. Tie the yarn or twine in the hole of the first word. Twirl tape on the loose end of the yarn to make it easier to push through each hole. Weave the yarn from word to word to complete the bible verse.  Tie off the yarn at the last word.  Attach the plastic spider.


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