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VBS is almost here! Take a look at this VBS scene that is easy to assemble and would look great on your smaller stage or in a room. This smaller version of the Safari Scene comes with only four panels. It measures eight feet high and 16 feet long. The poster panels measure 8’ x 4’ each and will extend slightly past the edge of a large sheet of construction foam panels to allow you room to match the edges and create and accordion fold when standing the panels on stage. You can also display the panels flat across the stage with only chairs behind the panels to prop them up. Two panels create the large 7’ tall giraffe with monkeys and a toucan bird. These posters are filled with bright green foliage, grasses, and trees. The second pair of panels feature a large elephant and a monkey among the grass and trees.

These small safari scene panels are available in our store. Order yours today!

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