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Our dear friend Lynn Jordan has been the VBS crafts writer many times over. We are thrilled to share in her creativity and excitement for VBS. One thing she does each year is test the crafts with one boy and one girl of each grade. I have enjoyed being part of this process. Watching them make the crafts to see how easy or difficult it is for them. Mostly, I enjoy hearing them talk about what they liked and disliked and why. Lynn takes the “kid evaluation” and rewrites the crafts as needed offering ways to bring the fun when kids enjoy the crafts. She has great recommendations about supplies and cost analysis too. We have offered her craft evaluations in previous years. I hope you enjoy these 2020 Craft Evaluations and you can print this file to share with other teachers too.  

Let’s get ready for a great VBS this year and tell more children about Jesus!!!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

Click here to print: VBS Craft Evaluation.

Do you have decorations for your VBS stage? The best part about this is having everything on large stickers like in past years. That’s right, everything has adhesive backs. Just peel off the film and stick the artwork to the construction foam panel. No tracing and no painting needed! (I love that part, because I don’t have time for it.) This will be a huge help and speed up the process. I have demonstrations of me sticking the panels on by myself and it only takes a couple of minutes. It’s really that easy. I hope you like all the ideas and for better convenience, we have them priced individually so you can choose which ones you want or just order the large bundle which saves you money! To see all of our Construction Decorations visit our store.

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