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Palm Sunday Decorations

Palm Leaves— Have the children cut palm-shaped leaves from green construction paper. Cut slits down both sides of the palm leaf to create a fringe in the leaf. The children can wave or use them to decorate the classroom or door with a cross cut from construction paper.

Palm Sunday Snacks

  • Palm-Leaf Cookies—Bake palm-leaf-shaped sugar cookies before class. Have children ice the cookies and sprinkle green sugar on them
  • Celery Palms—Wash and prepare celery stalks, leaving the leaves of the stalks intact. Provide different kinds of fillings for the stalks such as flavored cream cheese.

Easter Lily Craft                                                                                                                                                                                                  

You trace the child’s hand on white construction paper, cut it out. Cut a long piece of green construction paper for stem. Fold (without creasing) the thumb and pinky fingers so that the fingertips touch. Glue them together.

Fold the heel of the hand up and glue to the thumb and pinky. (This makes the “cup”. You can glue in yellow pipe cleaners or paper to make the yellow stamens inside the flower.

Easter Lily Hand Prints 

Have the children trace their widely spread hands on white paper, and then cut out their hand shapes. Have them each cut two thin 6-inch strips of yellow construction paper and tape these to the center of their hand print.

Starting with the bottom edge of the little finger side, loosely roll the hand print to the other side. The base will form a small tube. Tape the tube so it retains its shape.

Roll each finger around a pen or pencil to curl it toward the outside. Use this process to curl the yellow paper too. Wrap the bottom of the hand print with green construction paper to create the stem.

Resurrection Day Snack

For today’s snack provide an empty cream puff for each child. You’ll also need chocolate and vanilla pudding and spoons. Have children spoon the pudding into the empty cream puffs. Talk about how the women and disciples may have felt when they went to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty–just like these cream puffs were empty.

Banner Celebration

Have each class make an Easter banner with appropriate symbols and words. Kids may write “He is risen!” with a sunburst or an empty tomb. Or they may write “Jesus lives!” with a large lily.  Allow them to create their banner with words and art about Jesus’ resurrection.

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