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Maybe you have spent hours on Pinterest like me just amazed at all the great ideas people come up with.  I have been pinning left and right since I joined a couple of months ago. 

Mother’s Day at church is often met with traditions and cards made from construction paper.  Seems like we have done everything.  A few of those ideas include: artwork by children to look like a flower garden with the child’s photo in the center of the flower, portrait drawings of mom, potted flowers with a fork in the soil to hold a card, coupons to do chores and give hugs, and the list goes on. 

My favorite project in Sunday School was with a teacher who led the children to make dough earrings.  Now that’s a practical gift!  The earrings got a bit large and heavy and moms were obligated to wear them in church with a smile while their earlobes stretched down to their shoulders.  This idea resulted in a death threat (wink wink) to me from a mom during the welcome song of the worship service.  She scared me a little.

I think one of my favorite Mother’s Day activities was inviting mother’s to come into our Kindergarten class where muffins and juice were ready to be served.  After mom sat down at one of the tables, her children served her the muffin and juice and joined her.  Provide questions at each table for mom to answer and questions for the child to answer then pray together.  After this brief time, moms can be dismissed to their classes and the Sunday School class can resume with the activities for the day. 

Some teachers had her class prepare the famous Mother’s Day construction paper cards the week before and some received a chocolate bar with curly ribbon too.  Just plan ahead if you want to add that idea.  I personally like the cards that use the acrostic M-O-T-H-E-R down the side and invite kids to write an adjective describing their mom with each letter.  Be sensitive to children without a mother and alter activities that include them like cards for grandmother. 

What do you suggest for Mother’s Day activities?


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