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Now, let’s talk extreme, awesome decorations! This prop is only for the brave! It is very large and will make a huge statement on your stage.

The crane is created to fit on three standing wardrobe boxes and three horizontal wardrobe boxes . The adhesive backed panels are about 10 feet long and 48 inches wide. This means it will stand 13 feet high. If it’s on a stage, it will be a show stopper! The large sticker will wrap around two sides of the crane. It is easy to position the crane where only two sides are showing and it will be less work for you too. A word of caution; although this prop is not hard to create, please consider where it is placed and how it will be secured from falling over onto children. 

Construction of the Giant Crane- Assemble each wardrobe box by taping the bottom flaps closed. Insert the clothes rod in the hand grips (near the middle – not the top of the box as designed). This will provide more stability for the center of the large box. Tape the bar to the box so it does not fall out. Tape each box closed so it becomes rigid and solid. Next, tape the boxes together with strong adhesive tape such as Gorilla Tape. 

Apply the sticker to one side by peeling back about 12 inches of the adhesive film and placing the sticker edge along the edge of the box side you want to show. You will be applying this to all three boxes at the same time so grab a couple of friends to assist you. Add red duct tape to the edges if you want or need to secure the sticker edge.   

Finally, add support to the box’s other two sides by taping three medium to large size dowel rods or wood strips where the boxes are joined. This will strengthen those joints so they do not buckle when standing in place. Even though the boxes are hollow, they need the support.

Crane Cab – These cranes have drivers so you will need to add the cab. Use a medium size moving box from Home Depot. Two sides and the bottom will show so place the door, window, and bottom stickers on the box (sized accordingly). Attach the cab to crane column with strong adhesive tape.



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