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As you make your plans for Sunday, June 16, think about including activities to celebrate Father’s Day. Promote the Sunday as Dad’s Day in your class.

Invite a dad to visit the class during the learning centers time. Prior to Sunday, contact the dad and explain that you want him to come to the classroom and participate in activities with his child. Consider mailing him a special invitation.

Supplies for Dad’s Day:

  • invitation printed on border paper (See illustration.) The border paper can be purchased at office stores, or plain paper can be  used.
  • envelope


1. Contact a dad to talk about him coming to the class on Sunday morning. Explain that you would like for him to do some of the activities with his child such as working puzzles, building with blocks, or doing an art activity. Think about asking the dad to read a book to his child and other children in the class.

2. Print and mail the invitation as a reminder to the dad about the plans for a special time for him to be involved with his child.

Teaching Tips:

  • When the dad arrives in the room, walk around the room with him and his child. Introduce him to the teachers and other children.
  • Invite the dad to stay for group time and sit with his child.
  • Encourage the children to name something that happened in the room to celebrate Dad’s Day. Thank the dad for being a part of the class.
  • Pray, thanking God for fathers.

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