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One day when I looked at the Giant Game Floor Mat hanging on the wall, it reminded me of a flag!

I decided to prepare the game mat to resemble a flag but without all of the flag features. Since I include Bible teaching tips with games, I decided to focus on thanking God for America! Preschoolers hear about America in conversations, songs, and in the pledge to the flag. Teachers can guide children to thank God for things we enjoy in America, the country where we live.


 Supplies for Patriotic Game for Giant Game Floor Mat:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • construction paper—4 blue, 8 red, 8 white
  • small American flag
  • Command Hooks® to hang the mat on the wall—four holes are provided on one side of the mat; the mat can also be placed on the floor.

The game can be used for an early arrival activity, in group time, or while waiting for parents.


1. Place the four pieces of blue paper in the top four pockets on the left side.

2. Add the red and white paper to the pockets to make “flag” stripes. (See illustration.)

3.     Print words on 4-by-6-inch index cards (suggested words printed below). Put the cards in individual letter-size envelopes; do not seal.

4.     Place the envelopes in each pocket, behind the paper with the envelope visible at the top of the pocket.

Teaching Tips:

  • Open the Bible to Psalm 73:1 and read God is good to us.
  • Hold the American flag and ask children where they see a flag. Ask: “What colors are on the flag?”
  • Comment: “We can thank God that we live in America. We can think about some of the good things we have in America.”
  • Invite a child to choose an envelope from the game mat. He can open the envelope and remove the card. Help him read the word on the card. Continue opening the envelopes and reading the cards.
  • To the tune of the song “God Is So Good,” sing: We thank You God; we  thank You God; We thank You, God, for America!”

Suggested words for cards: animals, birds, camps, cars, farms, fish, flowers, food, friends, games, homes, lakes, land, mountains, rain, rainbows, rivers, schools, sports, stores, sun, trees, trucks, water—word to remind the children of good things to enjoy in America. God gives us things to enjoy (2 Timothy 6:17).

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