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Sneak Peek: VBS 2023

This year we also have a couple popular video game decorations that make super fun classroom decorations that are very easy to assemble. 

Gobble & Ghosts 


How exciting is this classroom set-up? And it is so easy to put together!

     The large 8 x 4 feet stickers are simple to cut out with scissors and we have added black backgrounds, so you do not have to cut the tiny details or inside areas.  First, you will need to know how large your focal wall is so when you buy the heavy black plastic sheeting from Lowes, you won’t have a lot of wasted plastic (or money).  We chose the 10 x 25 feet roll and made sure to roll it out the full length.  Next, we folded it over to find the center (about 12.5 feet) and cut it in half before unfolding the whole piece.  This made it easy to pen in the classroom.  Using the fold lines as a grid, we stuck the games pieces to the plastic while lying on the ground.  We did use blue duct tape to create the maze for the ghosts.  Each large plastic backdrop was hung on the wall with pushpins along the ceiling.  Yellow dessert plates were taped on as the dots that would be gobbled.

     This is such a fun classroom set-up, and it spruces up the whole room if teachers dress up! It was easy to make this costume! I got some fabric, cut out a head hole and some zig-zags, and then glued some paper plates on.


VBS 2023 is going to be a blast!

These giant decorations will be available December 1



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