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Mission Project


Freedom Letters

Encourage you children to write a thank you letter to those serving in the military from your church.  If you don’t currently have any one  serving in your church, then you can mail your letters to:

Operation Gratitude

17330 Victory Blvd

Van Nuys CA 91406

Flip Flop Freedom


There is nothing more fun than flip flops in the summer.  And you and your class can decorate your own in celebration of July 4th or just summer fun!  You can even give them away as a mission project.

All you need is a pair of flip flops for each child, Old Navy and Wal-mart both carry some for about a dollar and then some fun items to decorate them with.  We used cut ribbons, (about 5-6 in) and tied with a double knot. Trim to perfection.  You could also use fabric strips, foam stickers, or even glue on jewels to decorate!

Confetti Poppers


Want to experience the joy of popping a firecracker without the hazards of noise, fire and destruction.  Try these fun confetti poppers! They also shoot marshmallows!

Materials needs:

Small paper roll (1 per child), Balloon (1 per child), Confetti, Decorative paper/ markers, Tape (duct or electric tape), Scissors

How to:

Have each child decorate a roll. Cut a 12” balloon in half, and tie a knot in the balloon and tape the bottom of it around the outside of the roll. Place a handful of confetti inside. Pull the balloon and release to pop out the confetti!

Ice Cream Social


You Scream, I scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream.  Invite all your children to join you as you have a fun ice cream social on Sunday Morning.

Follow this link, and cool video from Steve Spangler to learn how you can make ice cream in class using two zip lock bags!

Ice Cream Recipe and Instructions

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