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Consider this detailed plan to forge and implement a vision for ministry.  Give yourself ample time on the calendar to create and develop a vision for ministry to kids and families.  Do well here and the future will move with real direction and focus. Define & Refine Your Vision:

  • Write it down in your own words.
  • Refine it by removing the words/statements that are too complicated or that do not communicate well.
  • Think the vision through from ending to beginning.  Then, think it through all of its phases from the beginning to the end.
  • Ask a friend to scrutinize it.  Then, refine it again, if necessary.

 Make the Vision Visible:

  • Start by presenting it in thorough, but concise, written form to decision-making groups (small groups).  Help them to understand the implications and requirements of every phase.
  • If there are concerns, address them.  This may require further refinement; if so, refine it and present it again to these groups.
  • After approval has been obtained from decision-making groups, present it to the larger decision-making group in an informal meeting for discussion only.
  • Concerns may need to be addressed and refinements made.  When that is done, then present it to the larger group for formal discussion and adoption.
  • Put the vision in its simplest form and post it in as many places as possible.

Keep the Vision Visible The goal is for the vision to become a “household word.”  Plan when and how you are going to mention the vision.  The following ideas are helpful:

  • From time to time and in different places, share the vision often by focusing on a specific aspect of it.
  • Share the entire vision every 8-12 weeks.  (Only part of the people hears the stated vision each time; state it in different ways).
  • Use an e-newsletter to talk about the vision.  Use different approaches:  share the biblical basis for the vision, address its requirements, imagine the results, address the barriers to overcome, etc.
  • Develop a webpage which describes the vision.

In keeping the vision visible, it may be helpful to form a “vision team” comprised of key leaders who will help in sharing the dream.  Some ministries form a team at the very beginning for the purpose of forging and defining a vision. Evaluation:

  • Calendar meetings for the specific purpose of evaluating the actions, expenditures, and strategies in relation to the vision.  Do our actions indicate that we are moving toward our goals?
  • Everyone must assume the responsibility of their role in carrying out the vision.

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