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We work so hard to enlist teachers then ignore them.  Why?

After all the agonizing we endured asking people to serve as teachers and workers in our ministry, you think we would nurture that relationship so they will continue to serve.  If you don’t mind, I will step up to the soap box and share a small rant.

We have all our workers but we are growing and opening new classes and in March we will open a third hour of Sunday School so enlistment continues.  The sooner you and I accept this fact of life and always be enlisting workers, the better your frustration level.  But how do we open the front door to new workers and close the back door so they are not just passing through without sitting down and staying a while?

It’s You! 

And it’s me too.  Okay, I am realizing my fault here and trying to come clean and get my act together.  I love my teachers and I love the fact that we are growing a reaching more kids but I need to expand my thinking.  I need to be nurturing and loving my teachers and providing sound leadership and training that helps them see my vision.  You do too.  Here are a few ideas we need to put into action:


  1. Plug them in where they fit not just the holes in your spread sheet.
  • Check now to see if your Workers are  in their sweet spot.  What do they need?
  • Create roles/places that fit their gifts.
  • Provide training-Walk them through it by modeling how to teacher the class.
  • Guaranteed Subs. If your workers know there are people on the bench to serve, it breeds security.
  1. Training
  • It is completely appropriate to ask them to be present at meetings & trainings.
  • Respect them by keeping meetings short.
  • Make it worth their time-Don’t just have a meeting! (See ideas under my “Resources” tab.)
  • Start with a vision-Tell a story to reinforce the vision.
  1. Protect Them
  • Make sure serving with kids is a “Safe Place” by having current policies and procedures
  • You take care of the hard stuff for your workers. Deal with conflicts if anything’s too difficult for the teacher.
  • Appreciate Them!

Ultimately people want to be a part of something they are excited about and believe will make a difference.

What are you doing to help teachers feel like a success in their service?

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