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You will need:

  • Foam block
  • 2-3 feet wire strips
  • Lime green duct tape
  • Dark green crepe paper streamer









  • Cut a piece of tape almost the length of wire (allow a bit to stick into the foam block base)
  • Lay tape face down with sticky side up on the table
  • Add the wire by sticking it to the tape down the middle of the strip
  • On each side of the wire, stick down streamer in a ruffle like pattern
  • Add another strip of tape to cover the wire and seal the sticky tape sides (make 5-7 stems)
  • Add each stem to the top of a foam block










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Announcing New VBS Decorations!

These large vinyl panels range from 4’ x 6’ to 4’x 8’ and they are self-adhesive for easier installation.  I have tested it on sheetrock walls as well as block walls and the visuals stay in place without curling.  I have a few easy tips you will want to know before you apply them to the wall.

PROPS– The visuals also make great props for any theme related activities (VBS, camp, retreats, banquets, etc.) you want to host.  I found it super easy to apply the full panel to a 4’ x 8’ sheet of cardboard (purchased at the local box store).




After applying the visual panel, I used a craft knife or utility knife to cut out the individual pieces.  I hung each piece with open paper clips (2 clips on the back of the visual piece and 2 clips on the ceiling) and fishing line.

Watch the video below as I show you how to apply the visuals to cardboard sheets.


Submarine with Fish (single panel ONLY)                                                                      $79.97

Underwater Bundle (Sub, Sea Turtle, Diver & Fish- 3 Panels)                                       $147.97

Shipping    $16.40

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