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I have favorite things in several different categories, but I decided to share my “top 5 favorite things” for teaching, writing, and conference leading.

  1. Address Labels: I use the labels individually or in my printer at home. The labels can be used for Bible verses to make markers, game pieces, or to stick on a child’s art work. I like to put “name labels” on the take-home pages and place the pages on the take-home shelf. At the end of the session I gather the ones that are left, and the pages are ready to mail to absentees.
  2. Bankers Boxes: I buy the boxes in packages of 5 or 10, to-be-assembled. I prepare boxes for Sunday morning materials, learning center resources, games, and seasonal items. The boxes can be used to gather and save things to use later such as for VBS or a training event. The boxes have handles and can be stacked.
  3. Binder Pockets: I prefer the plastic binder pockets—clear and colors: blue, green, pink, and yellow. I use the pockets for e-mails, articles, ideas, and calendar items. I also use the pockets to organize curriculum items for weekly use and for Sunday School group time plans. The pockets can be placed in a binder, bag, file basket, or letter tray.
  4. Magnetic Tape—on a Dispenser: I have used rolls of magnetic tape for a long time to make games and puzzles. Then I discovered something new—magnetic tape on a dispenser; no more peeling paper off the back side of the tape. The dispenser is like dispensers for clear tape with the tape ready to use.
  5. Sticky Notes: I could probably write a page on ways I use sticky notes—all colors, shapes, and sizes. The sticky notes can be used in learning centers and group time and for activities and games. Use the notes on take-home items or mail. The notes can also be used by children for games and activities.

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