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Drip Pan

Imagine a container that looks like a giant-sized cookie sheet that can be purchased at an auto parts store (for less than $20) to use for magnetic activities with preschoolers and children. The drip pan can be placed on the floor or on a table.

The drip pan can be used for magnetic letters, numbers, and puzzles. Teachers can create puzzles using pictures and magnetic tape. Letter tiles can be purchased or made. Letters and words on index cards or strips of paper (with magnetic tape attached) can guide boys and girls to spell names, words, or Bible verses. Magnetic games can also be created to use with the drip pan.

Consider using the drip pan to provide a specific space for play dough activities. Other uses might include providing a picture of a block structure and the required blocks for a child to have a space to build.  The drip pan can be a work space for other activities such as art and nature.

After purchasing a drip pan, get ready to discover other ways to use this resource.

(Note: A drip pan can be ordered from—Blitz 11430 Galvanized Drip Tray, $15.50 or purchased at Wal-Mart for $11.96 in the Automotive Section)

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