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I compiled a list of activities for teachers that can be used at any time with a minimum of preparation and resources. Sometimes a “quick” activity is needed to change plans, use extra time, or redirect a child’s choices.

Activity Bonus Choices… for Teachers

A rrange words (on sticky notes) to spell Bible verse.

B uild with paper cups (various sizes and colors).

C ut placemats in half to fit child-size table.

D isplay church directory on book shelf.

E xamine coins, currency, and gift cards (blank).

F ind puzzle pieces in shredded paper.

G ather grocery ads to find pictures of food.

H ide Bible and/or Bible scroll (teacher-made) in room.

I nvite parent to work puzzles with children.

J ump on bubble wrap (taped to floor).

K nead play dough on parchment paper.

L abel blocks with names of children.

M easure items with rulers, tape, and yardsticks.

N ame absent children during group time each week.

O rganize wooden blocks by shape and size.

P hotograph child’s art work to print and give to child.

Q uiz children about favorite foods.

R oll newspaper sections diagonally to make “logs.”

S equence pictures of Jesus.

T race around familiar kitchen gadgets.

U nwrap crayons to break into pieces to make shaped crayons.

V ideo tape children in role play to watch and guess.

W rap  empty boxes with colored paper for block activities.

X erox (photocopy) Bible verses to send home.

Y ell in piece of PVC pile or rolled paper.

Z ip plastic bags filled with cotton balls.

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