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Plan an activity to involve preschoolers in making a snack mix—an ABC/XYZ Snack Mix. Prepare copies of the recipes to send home with boys and girls.

Preschoolers will enjoy eating the snack mix after it is finished. Post an allergy chart on the door or inform parents about the ingredients. Avoid using nuts or peanut butter that often are identified as unsafe for children because of allergies or other reasons.

Supplies for ABC/XYZ Snack Mix:

A—animal cookies OR alpha-cereal

B—banana chips OR bite-size pretzel chips

C—Cheerios® OR cheese crackers

X—‘xtra small chocolate chips OR ‘xtra small cookies

Y—yogurt raisins OR yellow (golden) raisins

Z—zipper bags (sandwich or snack)/address labels (for ingredients)


  1. Choose ingredients for each of the letters A, B, C, X, and Y.
  2. Combine the ingredients in a large  bowl. Scoop the ingredients into Zipper bags.
  3. On address labels, print the the ingredients for the snack mix in the bag. Attach labels to the bags. (See illustration of ingredient packages and bags.)
  4. Suggest that each child make a bag for himself, a friend, or someone in his family.

Teaching Tips:

  • Affirm the children by saying that they are learning to help one another (Galatians 5:13).
  • Talk about God’s plan for people to have food to eat. Mention that giving food to others is a way to help and be show love.

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