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Clear chopping mats, available at kitchen stores or at Wal-Mart, can be used for activities in a preschool room. (Note: Shop at the Dollar Tree® to buy a package with two mats for one dollar.)

Enjoy describing ways to use the mat as you begin an activity. Remind boys and girls that the Bible says Work with your hands (1 Thessalonians 4:11).


Supplies for Play Dough and Plastic Mats:

  • clear plastic mats (clear chopping mats)
  • play dough (Use basic “teacher-made” play dough recipe—not the store- bought colored dough.)
  • stencils to place under mats, if desired

Supplies for Dry-Erase Markers and Plastic Mats:

  • clear plastic mats
  • dry-erase markers (tissues for cleaning)



Play Dough/Plastic Mats:

1. Place a mat on the table. Lay a bag of play dough nearby.

2. If using a stencil,  place it under a plastic mat. (See illustration). A stencil can also be made using the child’s name.)

Note: Consider giving a mat and bag of play dough to a child in a home visit.

Teaching Tips:

  • Guide a child to roll the play dough and shape it to lay on the letters.
  • Omit the stencil and allow a child to play with the dough on the mat.

Dry-Erase Markers/Plastic Mats:

1. Place a mat on the table with dry-erase markers.

2. Provide printed words to copy, if desired.

Teaching Tips:

  • Explain that the child can use the markers on the plastic mat. Demonstrate how the mat can be cleaned with a tissue.
  • Invite a child to draw on the mat,  print his name, or copy Bible words.

Bonus Idea: Photograph a child using the plastic mat; give the child a print of the photograph to remind him of happy times in his Sunday School room.

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