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This is a special and thrilling water ride in the amusement park.  The workers in the class could dress in rain ponchos and rubber boats to add to the scene.  Many items for this scene can be used from previous VBS decorations that have been stored.

Items Needed:

  • Cement mold tube,
  • light brown sheets (king size),
  • spray paint (dark, medium, & light browns),
  • Velcro self adhesive dots,
  • toilet plungers,
  • black foam board,
  • jute,
  • blue foil curtain,
  • blue tarp or vinyl table cloth,
  • green bed sheets or paper,
  • clothesline,
  • two sheets of double ply cardboard (4 foot by 8 foot),
  • greenery.

Mountain- Collect or purchase a large tube about 12″ across and four to six feet high. A cement tube mold sold at home improvement stores will work great. Using a utility knife, cut one end to be jagged and uneven around. It will also need to be cut in a rough “V” shape down the side a few inches for the water to be pouring over the opening.  This is the opening to the mountain where the passenger cars will come out for the big splash down moment.

Prepare a light brown or earth tone colored sheet (king size) by fan folding it and spray painting a medium brown color.  Open the sheet and let dry then repeat the process with a lighter brown then a darker brown.  All the time fan folding in different locations so the streaks are painted across the sheet.  When this is draped over tables, chairs and whatever you gather to create the mountain, it will enhance the ridges and bumps of uneven terrain. Place the tube on a table and position it to the height you desire for the room.  Using Velcro dots or tape, secure the edge of the sheet around the inside of the tube (top-jagged end).  The sheet will be gathered and taped inside the tube then stretched out from that point and laid over chairs , boxes, or whatever you choose then draped to the floor to create the mountain shape (like a bumpy Teepee). Add greenery and signs to your mountain if desired.  *Note- Be aware the sheet could be too short if your mountain is tall.  An easy remedy is to prepare more sheets the same colors and drape the lower portion of the mountain before adding the top as described above.

Create the water feature of this ride by taping a long blue foil curtain to the top of the mountain in the bottom of the “V” shape.  Allow the curtain the cascade down the hill and into the pool below.  The pool can be created from using a blue tarp or vinyl table cloth that is folded in to a long river like shape on the floor.  The foil curtain can lay over this river to show how the water joins.  Pillow batting can be added for a mist effect of the falls.  The river can circle around back behind the mountain.  The land in between the mountain and the river can be objects from the classroom that need to be hidden during VBS and covered with more light brown sheets and greenery.  Use light brown or green sheets on the other side of the river to serve as the bank.  Feel free to place items under the bank to make it higher than the water so the water stays in the river. Use a barrier to separate the scene from the classroom.  Be sure the scene doesn’t take over the classroom.  Leave plenty of room to do the activities planned for the room. Purchase six to eight new toilet plungers and spray paint them black or white.  Drill a hole about one inch from the top of the handle in each plunger.  Thread cotton clothesline rope through the holes tying knots on each end only.  This way you can adjust the placement as needed.  Spread the plungers across the front of the scene.  Add signs like, “Line Starts Here”, “Adrenaline Zone”, and “Must be this tall to ride!” (Include a yard stick and arrow).

Add a silhouette of a car and passengers with hands in the air about to take the plunge.  Transfer the pattern to black craft foam and cut out the shape using a sharp craft knife.  Leave plenty of the foam board on the bottom to attach the piece to the opening of the mountain using tape.

Option: Other mountains can be added nearby using easels and sheets but the volcano will need to be the tallest or most obvious. Other sheets or wide colored paper can be added to the floor to create more land.

Canoe– This ride is in a canoe so consider making one for display or for the children to sit in during the class.  Purchase a double thickness (2 ply) sheet (four by eight feet) of cardboard from a box company.  Refrigerator boxes are also a good resource.  Trace one half of the pattern on the cardboard then flip the pattern and trace the opposite end.  This is ensuring to match both ends of the canoe.  Cut out the canoe with a utility knife.  Make two canoe shapes.  On the canoe front that will be seen by the class, paint designs and faces.  Paint the name of the ride in the center. On both side of the sign, wrap the canoe shape with rope or jute for some three dimensional embellishments.  Place two or three child–size chairs in a line to be the seats in the canoe.  Attach the cardboard cut outs on both sides. If your canoe is long enough, tape the points of the cut outs together.

Backdrop– A simple sky blue sheet with some puffy white clouds cut out of paper can be attached to the sheet and used as the backdrop.  If you have a sunset backdrop left over from pervious VBS scenes, use that for some variety.  To make a sunset backdrop, use a king size ivory or tan sheet.  Use spray paint or thin craft paint in a spray bottle to create the sky.  Paint the sunset like a target without lines.  Bright yellow sun in the middle, Orange is the next ring, reds, then purple in the far corners and edges.  Add grauments across the top for easier display. Bungee cords hook easily in the corners of the sheet and on the tracks of a drop ceiling most commonly found in churches.

Watch Mark Create Adrenaline Zone (Powerpoint)

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