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Here are a few ways to use your left-over plastic Easter eggs:

Wobble Bodies– Hot glue a weight in the bottom of the egg to create a Wobbling toy.  Use stickers and markers to personalize.eggs

Sound Matching Game- Make pairs of eggs with the same noise-making item inside.  (Jingle bell, cotton ball, toothpick, rice, etc.)  Challenge the kids to find the eggs with matching sounds.

Lightening Bugs- Put a battery tea light inside the egg.  Use google eyes, chenille stems and makers to decorate the bug.

Memory Game- Use egg halves to cover small items.  Challenge the kids to try to discover the matching items.

Scent Matching Game:  Put a cotton ball with a few drops of each scent in pairs of eggs.  Challenge the kids to discover which pairs of eggs have matching scents.  (vanilla, lemon, cinnamon)

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