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The Five Minute Meet-Up is our monthly meeting with teachers.  I provide some training ideas very briefly and hopefully share my heart and love for the kid’s ministry and teaching the Bible.  It only takes five minutes before Sunday Starts and solves the issue of trying to get teachers together for a monthly meeting.  I have attached a PDF example of the agenda and information I hand them.  What do you do?

Create an appreciation gift of items they can use in their classroom.  I found a small pail and put hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, and chocolate to name a few.  I added a small chenille stem around the pencil to be a book worm.  Glue a couple of wiggle eyes to the top.  Add a note of appreciation and “This book worm is to remind you that I am praying for you weekly.”  Be ready to give it your teachers as the new year begins.  Simple phone calls and texts are encouraging ways to remind teachers that you love and support them.

What are you planning to do for your teachers as you start a new year?

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

Time Saver Idea Notebook –

One-Day Workshop with Mr. Mark in your church –

Classroom Swag– Decorations and ideas for your classroom and hallways will launch in September.

Five Minute Meet Up.pdf

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