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Preschoolers enjoy receiving mail! Postcards are a favorite way for teachers to send messages to boys and girls. Sometimes it is difficult to find appropriate postcards. If a teacher makes her own postcards using 4-by-6-inch cards, she can print the words she wants to say to a child.

Consider trying this idea to make postcards: photograph a child’s art work, print the photograph, and write a message on the back of the photograph. (See illustration.)


Supplies for Art Postcards:

  • photographs of a child’s art work such as as a painting or drawing
  • printed copies of photographs—must be 4-by-6-inch prints for mailing
  • permanent felt-tip marker



1. Prepare printed copies of art photographs to make postcards.

2. Draw a line with a permanent felt-tip marker on the back of the photograph to divide the space.

3. Print the address on the right side of the line.

4. Print the message on the left side. Mention the art activity the child did.

5. Include a Bible verse on the postcard such as God loves us (Psalm 107:1).

6. Add a postcard stamp and mail.

Ideas for sending postcards:

  • note about something child enjoyed in Sunday School
  • note about absence
  • reminder about attending Sunday School

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