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Planning a back-to-school party?  Here are a few questions to get your party off to a great start!


1. What is the purpose of this activity?

2. Is it to provide a fun family opportunity for the children in your department or to reach prospects or both?

3. Where will you have the activity? How much room is available?

4. What will the schedule be? Will several things happen at the same time and kids rotate? Will everyone follow the same schedule?

5. What will the theme be? This will impact advertisement, flyers, decorations, games, and refreshments.

6. Set a timetable for advance preparation, day-of activities, clean up, and follow-up. Divide the responsibilities and don’t forget to have fun!


Promotion to a new Sunday School class can be exciting and a little scary for a first grader. The transition can be a lot smoother when each child has a “buddy.” If your class combines two grades, older children can feel important and needed when they are enlisted to be a “buddy.” Odds are you will not have an even number of new kids and returning kids so consider these options:

One older kid can be a buddy to more than one incoming child.

Pair “older” with “younger” kids, even if the “younger” are returning children.

  • Get Acquainted Game
    Locate sets of two interlocking pieces from an old jigsaw puzzles with large pieces. (You will need one set for every two children.) Spray paint the front of the puzzle pieces with a light colored paint. Separate the pieces and put them in a large bag. Have some fun music playing when the kids arrive.

Guide each child to choose one puzzle piece from the bag.

Tell the girls and boys that each puzzle piece will lock with one other piece.

Instruct them to begin searching for the person who is holding their interlocking piece.

Provide permanent markers for “buddies” to write their names on the fronts of the puzzle pieces after they have matched up.

  • Games: Play “buddy” games.

Ask buddies to sit back-to-back, link elbows, and try to stand up.

Guide buddies to link elbows and try to tie a shoe with their free hands.

Make a list of pairs (buddies). Instruct kids to try to guess the second half of the set. Your list might include peanut butter and _____, hamburger and _____, and so forth.

  • Refreshments: Serve “buddy” foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


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