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You might find this hard to believe, but when I was at Tuttle High School, I rode horses in the rodeo. Before you get wildly excited imagining me in my urban cowboy hat and belt buckle, you need to know it was about a girl- a cowgirl. She was the real deal and rode competitively in the National Finals Rodeo. She was really good, and I was holding on for dear life, but that’s a story for another time.

Today, I want to introduce you to the pole event. This is where a series of poles are spaced equally and in a straight line down the middle of the arena for you to ride your horse weaving in and out. Turn the last pole and ride as fast as possible to cross the line for your best time. So, here’s a version my kids played a couple of weeks ago and they were hysterical. I lined up two rows of red cups with words from our memory verse in order. I gave each team a balloon and asked them to inflate it and tie it off. Whatever size they want. When I said, “Go!,” the first person on each team whacked the balloon with a flyswatter to guide the balloon in and around each cup. When the child passed a cup, they had to recite the verse out loud all the way to the end (including the reference). Once they reached the end, they swatted the balloon all the way back to the start as fast as possible to hand off to the next team member to repeat the process until every person has had a turn. The fastest time wins! 

Take pictures! 

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Mr. Mark



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