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  • Card stock
  • Band-aids (five per project)
  • Small decorative band-aid (one per project)
  • Stapler
  • Decorative edge scissors
  • Ruler
  • Markers


  1. Cut the card stock into 8½ inch by 2¾ inch strips.
  2. Open the stapler and color the tops of the staples with permanent marker.
  3. Make a sample to demonstrate.


  1. Draw a thick line across both short ends of the card stock strip.
  2. Use decorative scissors to finish one edge. Fold this end up about ¾ inch.
  3. Tuck the closed end of five band-aids into the flap.
  4. Staple the flap, catching the band-aids with the staple.
  5. Score the strip just above the top of the band-aids.
  6. Make a second score line about ¼ inch above the first.
  7. Fold the opposite end around and tuck it into the flap.
  8. Unwrap the decorative band-aid and stick it on the front.

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