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Sunday, June 16, is the time to celebrate Father’s Day this year. Father’s Day activities can be included in Sunday morning plans for learning centers and group time.

Involve children in making a banner to hang outside the room. The banner will call attention to this special day to honor fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, and other special men in the life of a child.


Supplies for Banner for Father’s Day:

  • white coat hanger with cardboard tube
    • · white paper
    • · scissors
    • · title strip—Happy Father’s Day
    • · glue
    • · washable markers, colored pencils


1. Cut a long piece of white paper to fold and hang on the hanger.

2. Cut the bottom of the paper to form a point at the bottom.

3. Print the title strip on a computer or use a felt-tip marker; glue the title strip on the banner. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Show the banner to the children. Read the words on the title strip.
  • Open the Bible to Exodus 20:12; comment, “The Bible says Love your father.
  • Think about the family situations of the boys and girls in your class. Listen as a child mentions something he has done to celebrate Father’s Day.
  • Involve the children in printing their names on the banner.
  • Describe plans to hang the banner outside the room.


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