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Here is a fun game! You can play it while social distancing– or not. The kids are going to laugh so be ready with the camera! 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Small baskets 
  • Helmets or Hats 
  • Duct tape 
  • Plastic or foam balls 
  • Optional- Face shield  


Tape a basket on top of the helmet. 


Choose one child to be the “Basket Head, ” and wear the basket helmet. The child will need to hold the helmet with a hand on each side and stand in one spot without moving his feet. 

Scatter the balls around the room. Set a timer for one minute. Invite the other kids to pick the balls up and toss them into the basket.

The child wearing the basket head can move his/her body to try and catch the balls that are hurled at him. Any balls that are spilled out of the basket don’t count before the timer goes off don’t count.

Give each child a turn to wear the basket head. The kids with the most balls in their basket after one minute wins. 


Tape or write words of a Bible verse on each ball. After the timer goes off, have children place the words (assigned to the balls caught in the basket) in order. Boys and girls will need to recall the missing words (balls not caught) when reading the verse.

Obtain all the Bible verse words or books of the Bible division on your opponent’s grid before they obtain yours. Once all your words are collected, be the first person to put them in order and read the verse!  Order your Digging up the Word gameboard through our store!

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