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As we move closer and closer to VBS the crazier it is getting around my office.  We have to say out loud, “Let’s Pray!” or we would all run in different directions trying to get stuff marked off the list and survive till another day.  Wow!  Am I the only person like this?  Coming to our recue is my great friend Aaron Summers, pastor and strong VBS supporter.  Bro. Aaron has written a daily devotion to help us focus on Jesus as we serve children and tell about His great salvation.  Here is Day 1 and each day following, I will post the next devotion for you to enjoy.  Print these off and share them with your workers.  I’m sure you have already lined up people to pray, I have.  The enemy seeks to destroy so be smart and pray over your people.  Thank you Aaron for the this great help.  See more of Aaron’s writing at The Intersect and enjoy!


Day 1: Colossal Coaster World

Dare to Change – Acts 9:1-18

A few years ago I made my first trip to Disneyworld (DW).  I had been to Disneyland a few times as a kid, but never to DW.  My wife and I, were traveling for the Southern Baptist Convention being held in Orlando that year.  We didn’t have children yet but were very excited about going to DW!  We flew into Orlando and settled in to the hotel and prepared for the next morning.  As we arrived and made our way through the entrance we approached the “main gate”.  The squeals and laughter were rising.  Main Street was packed.  The park was amazing.  We became kids again and that was just fine with us!

That change came easy.  Most of the time change can be very difficult.  We have our habits.  We have our traditions.  We are creatures of comfort!  In Acts 9:1-18 we encounter a life changing moment for 2 people.  Saul was breathing threats and incarcerating people for believing in Jesus and practicing “The Way”.  Ananias was minding his own business trying not to be thrown into prison.  In one day both lives would be altered.  God came to each of them in a way required to get their attention. God sometimes uses the fantastic to get our attention.  Saul was blinded by a light and spoken to by God.  He was dared to make changes.  Ananias lived in fear.  He was dared to make changes.  Saul’s entire education was be flipped on its head.  Ananias’ fear would be challenged to become focused courage.  God changes us in ways we cannot completely fathom.  What is God daring you to change in your life?  What is God daring you to change in your VBS?

Is God daring you to make changes in your timing, rotation, staffing policies?  These are all plausible things God could be desiring you to change.  Maybe your work force is adjusting and you need to make a timing change.  Maybe you do not have enough budget or people to “do it all”.  Combining rotations such as snacks and missions or eliminating recreation can be options.  God may want you to expand your ideas and change from the norm to an expanded view of ministry.  Take VBS outside of the church to the park. Offering a meal for the parents and then have people engage in them in conversation is a great expansion.  Maybe God is daring you to change your staffing policies.  We live in a radically different culture than most of us had as children.  We now deal with violence in the home and church.  We deal with litigation never before experienced in the church.  Staffing a VBS class with a husband and wife is only one voice legally.  Maybe you are needed to adjust those policies.  People today have lifestyles and choices that do not honor God though they attend church weekly.  It might be possible that they should not serve in VBS this year.  Do you know that your lead Bible teachers are saved?  Have you heard their testimonies or have you assumed salvation because everyone else does?

Is God daring you to change?

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