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We often talk about the importance of what happens on Sunday mornings and our commitment to make this a time of Bible teaching for boys and girls.

Let’s explore what a teacher can do to connect with children and their families during the week—between  Sunday mornings.


Get organized for connecting:

1. Maintain up-to-date list of class members and prospects.

2. Prepare 4-by-6-inch cards to make postcards or use other cards.

3.    Gather envelopes and address labels to mail take-home pages

4. Use sticky notes to attach messages to take-home pages or other mail.

Reminder for teachers:

  • Connect with “attendees” not just the “absentees.”
  • Claim a Bible promise—God will help you today (Exodus 14:13).


Think about ways to connect:

1. C — Calls (telephone)

Person-to-Person: telephone calls to the home of a child

Messages: answering machines or voice mail

2. O — Off-site (away from the church)

Home Visits:  home where the child lives

Other Places to Visit: home of grandparent or other family members; grocery store, mall, or other shopping places; hospital (to visit child or to visit with family); sporting event; school or weekday program

2. N — Newsletters (church)/Newspapers (local)

News about child or family member (awards, recognition, sporting events); birth, illness, or death in family

3. E — Envelopes (and postcards)

Envelopes for take-home page from Sunday morning to mail when child is absent

Postcards to mail to a child about absence, birthday, or activity at church

4. C — Calendars

Calendar for birthday reminders to send a card or make a telephone call

Calendars  (paper/computer/telephone) for reminders about church events for families

5. T — Technology

E-mail: message to child using parent’s e-mail address

Texts: text to parent to include message for child or photo from Sunday morning activity

Facebook: “friends” with parents to enjoy photos/news about family; message to parent to include words for child and/or comments about family news or photos

Connections made between Sunday mornings can create relationships with children and their families, encourage Bible teaching at home, involve families in Bible studies at church, and inform families of activities at church.


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