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Prayer Ideas

  • “Answered Prayer” poster
  • Prayer email or text message
  • Prayer walk through neighborhood
  • Prayer walk the school
  • Enlist prayer partners
  • Mail prayer grams
  • Go to homes and pray with children
  • Pray on the phone with the child
  • Accept prayer requests from children
  • Teach children how to use a prayer journal
  • Prayer walk in your classroom
  • Class prayer chain
  • Pray for the child using each letter in her name
  • Pray for families & parents

Ministry Ideas

  • Provide event scholarships
  • Send a note of encouragement and affirmation
  • Become a listener
  • Follow through with promises and be trustworthy
  • Partner with school teacher
  • Provide school supplies
  • Get to know family
  • Visit the child’s home
  • Talk to kids
  • Provide help at test time
  • Send birthday cards
  • Attend recitals, sports, and school activities
  • Mail a rubber ball with the message: “Have a ball on your birthday!”

Fellowship Ideas

  • Fast food progressive dinner
  • Personal Pan Pizza Birthday delivered at school
  • Hayride/ cookout
  • Laser tag/ rock climbing
  • Reverse progressive dinner
  • Game night/ movie night
  • Family cookout
  • Fellowship at your house
  • Eat at their school
  • Go to zoo
  • Braum’s ice cream
  • Sno-cones
  • Calendar four fellowships each year
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Children’s Camps

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