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To teach the books of the Bible or specific divisions of the Bible by creating a chain that can be displayed and /or sent home with each child.


  • Bible
  • Tape
  • Write the names of the first 17 books of the Bible (Old Testament Law and History) on construction paper strips.  Older children can cut the strips and write the names of the books themselves.


  • Children can cut strips of colored paper and write the names of the Bible books on them.  Guide children to make a paper chain by putting the books of the Old Testament Law and History in order.  Tape each loop as it is placed on the chain.
  • Children and work together or in groups.  Change colors by divisions of the Bible then add each section to the chain.
  • This is a great game for early arrivers in Sunday School since kids are busy while the teachers are welcoming other children and helping them get started.
  • This activity can be worked on each week until it is completed.

Option:  Bible Book Look Up

Lead early arrivers to work at their own pace to open their Bibles to any book, name the book that comes next, and then look to check their answers.

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