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             A year ago I began reading the One Year Bible for Kids but there’s a twist.  I was reading it, underlining verses and making quick notes to my daughter Kaylie.  It was like I was journaling bits of biblical truth coupled with encouragement from me. 

             The lines I wrote were very brief and always from my heart.  I wanted her to be challenged and encouraged each day from the Lord and also from her dad.  On her 16th birthday (December 31), I gave her the Bible.  It wasn’t shiny and new anymore but as she thumbed through the pages she quickly realized I had read it and written a note to her everyday.  It was pretty touching, I have to admit.  Now her journey with the Bible really begins.

I am reading this Bible again for 2014 and I have a different child I’m writing to this year.  Here is why I recommend this:

  • It is not the whole Bible.  Many familiar and some new stories kids don’t always read or hear but appropriate for kids. Bible
  • Actual Bible excerpts not Bible story book.
  • Short reading time for better success.
  • Easy to pack and take along wherever you go.
  • Room to write on the pages.
  • A good thought provoking question each day.
  • Very affordable.

I gave a copy to all the parents in my Sunday School class with this same challenge.  I hope you will choose a child and read with them in mind all year.  I know it will bless you like it did me. 

What Bible reading plan do you recommend?

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