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Learning about Bible scrolls can be enhanced by guiding children to make Bible scrolls. Scrolls can be made in different sizes with a variety of materials. Consider this new idea for making Bible scrolls using cardboard tubes from clothes hangers.  Introduce the activity by providing information about Bible scrolls from a Bible reference book. (Art–Learning Center)scrolls

What to Gather:

  • Bible, pictures of Bible scrolls
  • white paper, 8 1/2-by-14 inches
  • cardboard tubes from clothes hangers
  • scissors. glue
  • washable black markers
  • Bible verses printed on paper strips:

The Bible is right. Psalm 33:4

I can learn from the Bible. Psalm 119:73

All that the Bible says is from God. 2 Tim. 3:16

Put It Together

Cut two cardboard tubes to fit on each end of a piece of white paper. Glue the ends of the paper to the tubes. (Note: I used Scotch Double-Sided Roller® for gluing; this works much better than other glues.) Wrap the paper around the ends at least once; add glue to hold paper in place. (See

illustration.) Provide washable black markers for children to use for printing Bible verses. Show

pictures of Bible scrolls and talk to boys and girls about people using Bible scrolls. Distribute Bible scrolls and suggest that children choose a Bible verse to print on the scrolls. Open the Bible to read the verses. Show children how to roll the ends to the center. (String or yarn can be added to tie the scroll together.)

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