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The only times Bible skills are taught in church are during childhood years.  This means we need to plan for it in our classrooms every time we have kids.  It begins with Preschoolers.  Teaching pre-readers to turn the page and learn how to pronounce names in the Bible is a great place to start.  I will often ask preschoolers to practice turning the pages and when I say, “Stop!” you need to find and large number 12 on the pages.  Explain this is the chapter and later how to find the verse.  Simple activities like this are the beginning.2

With elementary children, my goal is to announce the book of the Bible and kids find it in 10 seconds.  They should also be able to name the book before and after the book I called.  Are you teaching and practicing these Bible skills?  Most kids are not getting them at home so that means this responsibility is on you and me.  I have learned that many teachers are looking for fun and easy ideas to teach Bible skills to their kids.

Since I teach Bible Skills every Wednesday and my dear friend Lynn Jordan does too, we teamed together to create an idea book filled with Bible skill games the kids in our classes have enjoyed through the years.  I thought your teachers might need some ideas too.

This book is loaded with 100 games and activities that are simple to make and use.

The Ideas Gone Wild books are written like recipes with photos and easy   instructions to create and play.  I placed a tub in each of my classrooms for teachers to fill with Bible skill games to use with early arrivers and during class.  It is a great resource to fall back on when needed or just plan to use the games as part of your teaching plan each week.  The point is, we are prepared.  You can be too.  All you need are some ideas.

*Binder not included.

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Disciplining kids with Bible skills is fun and rewarding!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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