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Red Cycle Verses 18-25

18. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.   Acts 1:8

Snowball Fight:  Print each word on separate sheets of white paper (2 sets). Wad each paper into a snowball.  Tape a line on the floor dividing the room.  Two teams throw the snowballs to the opposite side.  When time is called, the team with the least wins.  Both sides begin working to open and arrange the verse in order first.  Or

Powerbands:  Print the phrases of the verse on wide rubber bands while stretched.  Challenge the kids to stretch the bands to reveal the words and arrange the bands in the correct order.  Craft Idea:  Stretch wrist-sized bands over paint sticks.  Let the kids print “Admit, Believe, Commit” on the bands.  Suggest that the kids wear the bands and use them as a witnessing tool.


19. So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.                               Romans 14:12

Half-Pipe:  Cut tubes in half creating a trough. Write the phrases of the verse in the trough.  Make 2 sets. Challenge the teams to be the 1st to place the words in order in order and roll the ping pong ball down the trough into a cup placed at the edge of the table.


20. Therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory.  1 Corinthians 10:31

Stretch Verse:  Write the first phrase of the verse at the top of the page, and the last phrase of the verse at the bottom of the page.  Ask the drillers to list things they do. (go to school feed the dog, play games, etc.)  Continue repeating the verse together, each time inserting one of the things the group has listed.  Discuss how our actions can bring glory to God.


21. But everything must be done decently and in order.  1 Corinthians 14:40

Sunglasses: Print each word of the verse on separate labels and attach to a pair of sunglasses.  Use glasses cases or fold over a half sheet of cardstock and tape to create a case.  Give each kid a case with sunglasses to play.  They are to wear the glasses and line up across by looking at the words on their friends glasses. Put them in the cases and play again.


22. Children, obey your parents as you would the Lord, because this is right.   Ephesians 6:1

Spy Kids:  Laminate the cards, then cut along the dotted lines.  Place the cards on the walls around the room.  Provide toy magnifying glasses.  Challenge the kids to use the magnifying glasses to discover the words of the verse.


23. I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

Suck it Up!: Print the words of the verse on small cards.  Scatter the cards on a table and challenge the kids to use a drinking straw and suction to pick up the cards and place the words in order.


24. My dearly loved brothers, understand this: everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.   James 1:19

Play it by Ear:  Print the words to a verse on 2-inch circles.  Place beans in clean, empty soda cans.  Put 1 bean in a can and attach the circle with the first word (face down) to the top of the can.   Continue with 10 beans in the second can, 20 in the next, etc.  Challenge the kids to shake the cans and use the sound to place the cans in the order of least beans to most.  After the cans are arranged, lift the lids to see if the verse reads correctly.


25. We love because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19

Fill-in-the blank:  Print the 5 God’s Love posters.  Print a cover sheet for each child (or group).  Challenge the kids to cut out the black squares, then use the templates to cover posters until they find the one that reveals this verse.


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