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With each of these ideas, invite kids to spell out the books of the Bible or spell the missing word from the Bible verse or Key Passage. Playing with letter tiles is a terrific way to practice Bible names that people struggle to pronounce and spell.  There are a ton of ways you can use these letter tiles!

1.  Banana GramsTiles

You can purchase these letter tiles at Mardel Bookstore, Teacher Supply Stores or

2. Old Scrabble Games

Check your local thrift stores and garage sales to purchase the used scrabble games to collect letter tiles.  Letting people in your church know you are collecting these, might be the easiest choice.

3. Make Your Own Letter Tiles

Cut colored sheets of constructions paper into squares. Write letters on each square tile. Be sure to make plenty of letters to spell out words from the books of the Bible and the Bible verses you are introducing or practicing.  An easy approach is to creating paper tiles is to make a grid on white copy paper with the alphabet in the squares.  An extra grid could provide space for more vowels and commonly used letters.  Copy the grids on assorted colored paper then cut apart with paper cutter.  Retain the white master grids for more copies as needed.

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