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The Bible teaching pictures in leader packs can be used in the Giant Game Floor Mat. Bible story pictures help a child identify the people and places in the Bible stories.

You learn from the Bible (2 Timothy 3:15) reminds teachers that boys and girls learn from Bible stories, Bible verses, Bible songs, and Bible conversation. Games and activities help a child learn Bible truths.

Supplies for Bible Stories for Giant Game Floor Mat:


  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • Command Hooks® to hang the mat on the wall—four holes are provided on one side of the mat. (The mat can also be placed on the floor.)
  • Bible story pictures
  • sticky notes or beanbag


1. Gather Bible story pictures to place in the game mat pockets. You can use Old Testament pictures, New Testament pictures, or a combination of both. (See illustration.)

2.  Insert a picture inside each pocket on the game mat. (Note: It is not necessary to have a picture in each pocket.)

3.  Provide sticky notes for children to stick on the pictures if the mat is hanging on the wall. If the mat is placed on the floor, use a beanbag. A child can place a sticky note on a picture or toss a beanbag to choose a Bible story picture.

Teaching Tips:

· Read questions or statements to recall the Bible story such as:

  1. What was the Bible story about?
  2. Name a person in the story and tell what he or she did.
  3. My favorite part of the Bible story is…
  4. Something I can tell my family about the Bible story is…
  5. The Bible story helps me learn that I can…

· Open the Bible to locate the stories to match the pictures.

· Read God gave us the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16).

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