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Telling a Bible story to a preschooler is more than words. In addition to using an open Bible and a Bible story picture, a teacher can enhance the Bible storytelling time with props—something to support or explain a word in the Bible story.

Bible storytelling preparation includes reading the story over and over until you know it and can tell it, studying the Bible background for the story, imagining the Bible story setting, and using pictures and items to identify Bible story words.


Bible story: Ruth’s Family (Ruth 1:22; 2:1-23; 4:13-17)

  • package of barley (near dried beans and rice or soup in grocery stores)
  • container such as a large foil pan
  • funnels
  • measuring cups
  • magnifying glass (plastic glass)

Place a marker in the Bible to locate the Bible story. Locate a Bible story picture showing Ruth picking up grain.

1. Set the funnels and measuring cups on the table with the large container. (The large container will make it easier for the children to pour the barley without spilling it on the table or floor.)  Pour the barley into the pan.

2. Open the Bible to the story about Ruth and her family.

3. Point to Ruth in the picture.

4. Describe the barley. Guide boys and girls to use the measuring cups to pour the barley into the funnels and to measure the barley.

5. Suggest using the magnifying glass to see the barley. Talk about how the barley looks and feels. Say: “Thank You, God,  for eyes to see the barley. Thank You,  for food to eat.”

6. Open the Bible to Psalm 136:25 and read God gives food to us. Remind the preschoolers that the grain Ruth picked helped her family have food to eat.

Imagine a child telling his family about the barley and the Bible story. Bible teaching continues after a child leaves the classroom as he recalls what happened in his room at church and talks about his experiences with his family.

Bonus Idea: Photography this activity. Display the pictures outside the room to show parents this Bible-learning activity..

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