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Yesterday, I spoke to a children’s minister in Kentucky. She is wanting to introduce Bible Drill during the summer and I cautioned her. Yes, I believe the kids should be memorizing Bible verses and learning the books of the Bible, but have a soft launch during summer. Begin with learning how the Bible is organized (Old and New Testaments, divisions, chapters, verses). Start in the beginning with the first five Books of Law for a few weeks then add the next 12 Books of History and then continue. Always play games that race to find books and verses. Teach a memory verse with a great reward like a water gun fight outside when everyone can recite Genesis 1:1 then move to more challenging verses.

Below is a printable copy of the sword drill that we used this year. It will give you the script for calling the drills. This could be great fun for the summer and might even continue into the fall with LifeWay’s Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills. These are available in your local store and online.  Bottom line- Have fun learning Bible Skills and they will come back and learn more.

Printable: Sword Drill


Bible Skill Resources




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