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The blocks center is an area in a preschool room with a shelf unit for blocks and space for block activities. Boys and girls need adequate space for block activities, preferably away from doorways and other activities.

Consider placing some blocks in paper bags to get the attention of curious preschoolers.


Supplies for Blocks in Bags:

  • paper bags
  • self-adhesive labels or sticky notes with numbers
  • wooden blocks


  1. Print numbers on the self-adhesive labels or sticky notes to attach to the paper bags. (See illustration.)
  2. Place blocks inside the bags to match the number on the outside.
  3. Close the bags and display in the learning center.

Teaching Tips:

  • Greet a child as she arrives in the blocks center. Observe her curiosity when she notices the numbered bags.
  • Ask the child to choose a bag. Explain that the number of blocks inside the bag will be the same as the number on the outside of the bag.
  • Invite the child to decide what to build using only the blocks in the bag.
  • Say: “The Bible says work with your hands (1 Thessalonians 4:11). You are working with your hands to build something with the blocks. Thank You, God, for Lily’s hands.”

When a child finishes with the blocks in her bag, ask her to put the blocks back in the bag for another child to use.

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